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An Interview with Neil Cunningham

Neil Cunningham

Life Below The Yield

An Interview with Neil Cunningham

It may come as a surprise but most of the liquids in our lives spend most of their lives as solids. We know this because we can perform a range of rheological tests that clearly demonstrate the presence of solid-like properties - such as elastic deformation and failure under stress - in products traditionally thought of as liquids. We call this failure “Yield”; it is what happens when we squeeze toothpaste from a tube or spread peanut butter on our toast. As many of these structured fluids spend most of their lives exposed to nothing more than the stresses imposed by gravity, they live their life “below the yield” – that is, as “soft solids”.


Rheology is the study of, not only the flow, but also the deformation of matter. Deformation and “Yield” imbue products with the texture, appearance and handling properties that we all look for - but manufacturers unfortunately ignore the pertinent test measurements at their own peril. In this interview Neil Cunningham will share his thoughts on how best to capture life below, and through, the yield for a range of everyday products.


Neil Cunnigham's Biography


Neil Cunningham entered the field of rheology through sales and application development roles in the rheometer and viscometer industry. In 1998 he became an independent consultant in the field and has since provided training courses, test method development services and ongoing consultancy and advice to many global corporations in the field of pharmaceuticals, consumer health, medical, cosmetics, foods and many other industries.


Neil is highly experienced in the practical issues facing researchers and quality controllers and possesses an excellent working knowledge of most rheometer and viscometer systems in use today.


More recently Neil has opened a laboratory in Hampshire, England, equipped with a range of rheometers and viscometers, offering testing and research services.



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